Tuesday, September 4, 2012

San Fran and The Alameda Point Antiques Faire

This has been a pretty great summer. We've been camping, creating, working, eating and just enjoying life. I have also had the opportunity to do some traveling, including a trip to San Francisco, thanks to my incredible employer, Carol owner and operator extraordinaire of  The Cottage Garden.
San Fran is a beautiful city, every building seems to be a different color and full of lovely details, from filigree fire escapes, to dragon draped light posts in China town.

Being a business trip, (of course!) Carol had taken myself and coworker Monica to experience the Gift Show and we spent the first couple days doing reorders and finding new and exciting product. But really and more importantly our trip was about The Alameda Point Antiques Faire. GOOD GRIEF. It was like an antique market on steroids. Over 35 rows, 3 blocks deep, of 800 plus vendors all touting incredible finds 20 years old or older! Held on the 1st Sunday of every month, the Alameda Point Antiques Faire is THE largest antiques show in Northern California. It is completely overwhelming. Lines to get in, lines to get out, but oh! Once you are in! Heaven. 

These lovely ceiling tiles now have a happy home at The Cottage Garden I


If you have the time, money and a big ol' truck and someone to drive it, this is the ULTIMATE antiques show! Even without those things I was able to pick up a few goodies for myself. What a great time and what an excellent experience. Thanks Carol. 

One last picture for good measure.


Hayle said...

OHMY! This antique fair looks fabulous! The textures and colors! I would have a field day! If I'm ever in San Fran...:)

meilan mizell said...

Thank you so much for your comments Hayle! I remember you and those lovely earrings you made! I will have to go see your etsy site! The Alameda show is INSANE, by the way, I didn't know where to look first. It was like being in panic mode the whole time because you knew you wouldn't get to see it all. The whole thing is HUGE. They had shuttle buses to get you back to your car...huge.